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Passover Chocolates, Desserts & Nuts

Handmade & Certified Kosher for Passover

Kosher for Passover and delicious! Filled with dipped fruits and nuts, truffles, chocolate macaroons, raisin clusters and more.

Sweethearts Three offers handmade, kosher for Passover chocolates that are second-to-none. We produce products similar to some of those offered the rest of the year, but all ingredients are certified kosher for Passover. All items are pareve.

We are licensed by the Rabbinical Council of New England and our products are certified kosher under the Orthodox supervision of the Vaad Harabonim of Massachusetts. We are the only shop in the Boston area producing handmade chocolates for Passover.

Vaad Harabonim of Massachusetts Symbol of 100% kosher chocolatesWe convert to separate Pesach-only chocolate tempering equipment, supplies and utensils. For more information on how we do this, please read this article from The Jewish Daily Forward (or click here for more news articles).

For complete shipping information please click here.

Passover chocolates are only produced and available for sale or shipment during a limited time prior to Passover each year . Please join send us an email if you would like to be notified next year.

Please order early! Due to a specific production timetable, Passover chocolates will be produced and available for sale or shipment from March 2 - March 26, 2018 only. Please place your orders early, since supplies are limited and many items will sell out. We will hold your advance order and ship it to you at the appropriate time (or you can specify the shipping date when you order).

Please Note: we will be closed for the week of Pesach (Passover).

Passover Chocolates

We make a selection of fine handmade Kosher for Passover chocolates. Choose one variety or an assortment. For multiple orders shipping to to different addresses, please call us. Click here for complete shipping information.

Kosher for Passover handmade chocolates are available in the following sizes.

Half Pound box (8 oz.) for $22 (plus S&H)
One Pound box (16 oz.) for $36 (plus S&H)
Two Pound box (32 oz.) for $72 (plus S&H)

Choose from these varieties:

Assorted Chocolates

This selection includes some of each variety below.

Assorted Fruits

Includes Chocolate-Dipped Apricots, Dates, Craisins and Raisin Clusters. (Note: dried fruits are used instead of the glazed fruits we use throughout the year since glazed fruits are not available for Passover)

Chocolate-Dipped Cashews

Handmade Kosher for Passover Chocolates
Assorted Chocolates for Passover

Chocolate Raisin Clusters

Chocolate Craisin Clusters

Chocolate Kugel

Bark filled with pieces of dried fruit

Nut Bark

Solid Chocolate Flowers

Passover Desserts

Edible Chocolate Seder Plate for PassoverEdible Seder Plate

$61 each

A 10 inch chocolate Seder plate covered with dipped fruits and nuts, truffles, chocolate macaroons, raisin clusters and more.

Note: for shipping the Seder plate is sent as a separate component, along with the box of chocolates for you to place on top.


Medium Chocoate Basket for PesachEdible Basket (Medium)

$60 each

A chocolate basket weighing almost a pound filled with one and a half pounds of our assorted Passover chocolates.


Small Chocolate Basket for PesachEdible Basket (Small)

$27 each

A chocolate basket weighing approximately 1/4 pound filled with assorted Passover chocolates.


Chocolate covered matzah kosher for PassoverChocolate Matzoh

$12 each

A whole sheet of matzoh smothered in bittersweet chocolate.


Chocolate covered macaroons kosher for PassoverChocolate Macaroons

$1.50 each

Chocolate-dipped coconut macaroons.


Chocolate Pops for Passover (Pesach)Chocolate Pops

$3.75 each

A solid chocolate lollipop in an ice cream cone shape and many other shapes.


Chocolate FrogsChocolate Frogs

$2.25 each

A solid chocolate frog that makes a fun addition to your Passover table.


Chocolate Cows for Passover (Pesach)Chocolate Cows

$2.25 each

A solid chocolate cow that makes a fun addition to your Passover table.

Passover Nuts

Roasted Cashews

$16 per pound


Nuts and Raisins

$11 per pound


Deluxe Salted Nuts

$16 per pound

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